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Street Fighter Zero 2 Zone
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Psi Realm: Zone of Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

Greetings!!! Kyle Psikill welcomes you to Zone 2 of the Psi Realm.

     Animes based on fighting games have the reputation to suck. There are only very few titles out there that didn't suffered from this fate, and thank God in Heaven, this one is among them. Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie is by far the best Street Fighter film I have ever seen (better than Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie).

     I'll compare this film to Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture, the last decent fighting game-based anime I've seen before this one. In terms of animation and character designs, Street Fighter II: The Movie is a little short behind Fatal Fury. But don't get me wrong; the animation in this movie is no less than eye-catching. In terms of fighting scenes, this film takes the driver seat. The actions are great and the length of the battles is just fine (unlike the one-shot dead style of Fatal Fury). Likewise, however, the storyline is nothing special, but stayed loyal to the original.

     Overall, Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie is a good film to watch and a must-see for all Street Fighter fanatics. If you have previously suffered from stinking animes like Samurai Showdown, Fatal Fury 1 & 2, or Street Fighter IIV, then this show is good way for rehabilitation.

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